Dear Marla, I really want to thank you for proofreading one of our client´s manuscripts. Your opinion had a great value to the author and brings a better quality to the publication. If you have time we would love to send you more work! Cheers, — Flavia, Bookcase Literacy Agency


 “If I could make one recommendation to indie authors who are making decisions about where to invest their money when it comes to their writing, I hands down say it should be with an editor and/or proofreader who can polish your work without altering your vision. This is exactly what Marla does best. She’s thorough, she’s accurate, she’s fast; and most of all she cares about your work and your career.” Lisa Lang Blakeney


"I loved working with Marla. She is fun, quick and easy to work with. She brought out the best in my manuscript without losing its British style. I’ve already signed her up for my next book!” – Liz Bower


“I was recommended to contact Marla by author SL Scott to potentially proofread my book Instant Connection. Without commitment of any work, she bought and read my book offering her services. I loved that she took time without any chance that I might use her and offered me some free advice. She’s now done Instant Connection and I will work with her long term given her attention to detail and passion for the work. Marla is collaborative, she possesses hawk like attention to detail and is easy to work with which is what any writer is looking for in their proofreader. I love that she is always looking for ways to help the authors even when she’s done checking your work.  A true fan.” – SL Marshall


“Marla came highly recommended. After working with her on The Librarian Principle it was easy to understand why. She has the skill set and the keen eye I rely on to ensure a polished finished product. Marla was quick, thorough and a pleasure to work with, so much so, that I’ve already secured her for my next project.” – Helena Hunting


As a writer I’ve learned the final touches can make the difference in my book’s preparation for publishing. An eagle eye should be the last read before I hit publish and my last glance is Marla Esposito. I have complete faith in her abilities to give me the best finished manuscript possible. I highly recommend her services. You will not be disappointed.” – Liv Morris


"I’ve worked with Marla on all three of my novels. She has an incredible eye for spotting small errors, typos and missing punctuation that other editors and I missed. Not only is she thorough, she’s fast —the perfect combination for a final proofread before publication.” — Daisy Prescott


"Marla is an author's best friend.  She is thorough, trustworthy, professional, and she cares about our books. I think she keeps the same crazy hours, too! Readers hate typos so I am grateful to Marla for catching them. In fact, she knows she will have to proof this before posting."- A.C. Rose



"Marla is professional and kind. She offered me a quick turn-around on a small, last minute project. The process was easy, and I was thrilled with the results. Thanks, Marla!"

- Michele Warren


"I enlisted the help of Marla Esposito at ProofingStyle and found her to be extremely helpful and professional. She ensured that my book's content was proofed and edited correctly, helping to put the expert finishing touch on my work. If you want reliable, fast, and thorough proofreading services, I highly recommend ProofingStyle."   RC Boldt



Working with Marla was a lifesaver for me because she was able to find all the hidden things that I had missed, pointed me in the right direction on how to make them better and made my manuscript even better than I had originally thought! She's thorough, timely, and an amazing person to work with! I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking for that extra set of eyes to make your baby shine!  – Jodi Larson

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